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Life is weird enough, right? Wrong! Disney made a show in the 90's that made it even weirder. Join friends Alison and Carlos as they review, rant, and question Henry Winkler on their mission to grasp the true beauty behind "So Weird". Why? We'll have to find out!!


Your Hosts


Alison Bartow

Alison is is a long time podcast listener and a very skeptical fan of the supernatural. When you're not listening to her talk about HLJ or Buffy, you can catch her performing improv with her team Happy Medium Improv.(


Carlos Quevedo

Carlos is doing his best. When he’s not, he’s usually rambling about how Halt and Catch Fire needs more love than it gets and why Keanu Reeves is Mr Rogers’ upgraded clone. He records podcasts and performs improv with his team, No P Words!

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